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Little crucio butterflies? eep.

name: Amanda

age: 23

email address and screen name(s):, liljazzcat (not very original, I'm afraid)

Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Which one is your favorite? Why? Yes, I've read all of them, and Order of the Phoenix is my favorite. I must confess I like the evolution of the story into a bit darker and more serious plot. The characters also seem pretty well-fleshed out, to me.

Which character is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Why? My favorite character is Hermione Granger, just because I relate to the bookwormy, a bit bossy, oh-good-heavens-don't-you-two-READ attitude. My least favorite character, without a doubt, is Umbridge. Ugh. She's just so slimy, so devious, and really, who in the history of the world has worn a pink fluffy cardigan and NOT been totally evil?

Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Why or why not? I do, but they're in a separate category in my mind. They aren't "canon". So they're nice to look at, but when thinking of the Harry Potter story and plotline they can't really be taken into consideration.

If you were given an assignment from Prof. Snape that was due in three days, how would you go about doing it? Why?(Procrastinate, a little at a time, not at all, etc.) I'd start on it immediately, get it finished, then before it was due I'd go over it once more and make sure everything was 100%.

Which Quidditch position (if any) would you play if you went to Hogwarts? Why? I'm not good with heights but rabid about sports. I think I'd have to either keep score or cheer embarrassingly loudly.

What would you see if you looked into the mirror of erised? Why? I'd see myself as a successful author, perfect parent, and accomplished, well-rounded person. It's what I've always wanted to be but I'm afraid I've always come up a bit short.

What do you believe in most? Would you die for it? Why (or why not)? I believe in doing good. I'm no Ghandi or Mother Theresa. My desire to do good manifests itself in my family. At the present time, I feel I can do my best good by raising my sons to be decent, moral, well-adjusted men. And yes, I'd die for them in a heartbeat.

How do you act when you go to a party? Why? I always try to help the host or hostess, with dishes, filling up drinks, and so forth. I know it's stressful to throw a party and if you have help it makes it more fun for everyone.

What house do you think your best, and least suited for? Why? I don't know that I'm best suited for a particular house. I think I have qualities that would serve me well in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. I think I'd do least well in Slytherin as I am not personally ambitious or in need of personal power and I think I'd feel out of place there.

What form would your Boggart take? Why? My mother. Eep. We've been estranged for some time and I still hear her voice in my head detailing my vast inadequacies. Scary just to think about.

How do you apply yourself to your work? Explain. I just.... do it. I see what has to be done and dive in. No particular system, my thought is, it's not going to get done if I don't start somewhere.

What is thicker, friendship or blood? Why? Friendship. For me, anyway, I have been closer and more cared for by friends than family. They've taught me that love and loyalty is not something you can only get from people who share your DNA.

What qualities of each of the houses do you believe you possess? Explain.
Hufflepuff: I believe I am fair and hardworking. I have always had a good work ethic, and have tried to be as just as possible.

Ravenclaw: I love learning. I consume books at an alarming rate, go through crossword puzzles with an almost religious zeal and adore games that make you think.

Gryffindor: I have been as brave as I can. Example: sitting with my three year old son on the back of a boat, he jumps into the lake. Without a moment's hesitation, I jumped in with him. If I'd waited a couple seconds I could have spotted that I could have just hoisted him out of the water by the loop on his lifejacket, but it was instinct- I saw my baby in danger, and I acted from my heart.

Slytherin: I don't think I have much to offer Slytherin house. I don't approve of the manipulation of people for personal gain, and have been wary of those that do.

You and a few other people are in a bad situation, not all of these people are your friends. You can find a way out for yourself, but no-one else. Fight (for the others) or flight(save yourself)? Why? Fight. The others may not be able to save themselves, and even if it's not possible for me to save them, I'd have to try. I'm a fierce fighter when cornered, and I always believe there's a way out, even if it isn't immediately obvious.

How did you find us? If you were referred then who referred you? I searched on livejournal for a sorting community, and this one looked the friendliest.
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