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So I was like *crucio!* and he was like *ow!*

name: Allison

age: 18

email address and screen name(s): marimshot2 AT, Marimshot2

Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Which one is your favorite? Why? It's hard for me to say, because I really enjoyed all of them. The most important book for me was CoS. That was the book that first got me interested in Harry Potter, so it's pretty dear to me. I was really interested to see some of Voldemort's qualities show up inside Harry, and it left me wondering if Harry was always going to use these gifts for good. Dumbledore brought up a very interesting point at the end of the book also, that it was our choices who dictate who we are, above all things. While Harry would have made a great Slytherin, his choice was really what made him an awesome Gryffindor.

Which character is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Why? Well, I think that I have two favorites. My *favorite* character would have to be Professor Snape. I don't know why, he just cracks me up. I love Alan Rickman, and I feel that he is the PERFECT person to play him. I just like how he's so mysterious. You don't really know for sure where his loyalties lie. I also like his dry, sarcastic sense of humor. I had some teachers like that in high school, and they were actually my favorite teachers. While everyone else found them scary, I would look at other things about them and just find them hilarious. I would never laugh out loud in class, but I would chuckle to myself a time or two. I like how he attacks his students, because in high school, I was just always surrounded by these idiots that never did anything in their classes, and I would want so bad for the teacher to just say something awful to them. Not someone who didn't deserve it though... When I read OotP, I really started to sympathize with his character a lot more, because he really was a tortured soul. He had an awful home life, the kids made fun of him at school, I mean, it's really no wonder why he's so shut off from the world. I tend to like characters like that. They're just misunderstood, not really evil. And I might be one of the only people here, but I'm just going to wait until the 7th book before I decide if Snape really is evil or not. I'm holding out for that one... I mean, he *is* my favorite character. A close second favorite character for me would have to be Remus Lupin. I loved PoA, because he was just such an intriguing character for me. Despite his condition, he still wanted to be out there in the world. I think that's an admirable quality. He knew that the world was going to discriminate against him, but he still wanted to go out there and do what he could. One of the funniest parts of the PoA movie is when he and Sirius are fighting, and Snape says something like, "Oh look at you two, quarreling like an old married couple" or something like that. I just started giggling like mad.

My least favorite character... it's hard to say. I guess I would HAVE to say Professor Dumbledore. That's not because he's a "good guy" or anything, I just never really liked how he was so partial to Harry and his friends. Sure, it wouldn't be much of a plot if he was expelled right away, but I just feel that as Headmaster, you have to be impartial. Dumbledore seemed to always take sides with Harry, no matter what, and it just bothered me. I think that if another student pulled some of Harry's antics, they would face different consequences, and that's not really fair. I also was wondering about some of his teaching decisions. He appointed Gilderoy Lockhart? I mean, yeah, the post needed to be filled in a hurry, but surely Dumbledore could see that he was a fraud. While Lockhart taught the students what NOT to do in certain situations, why didn't he just give Snape the job, knowing that he really wanted it? I guess because of what he told Harry about the DADA teachers only staying one year because of Voldemort, and he didn't want Snape to leave yet or something. There are just some of his decisions that confuse me, I guess. It's nothing on his personality, because I think that Dumbledore was probably one of the nicest people there, but I would probably criticize some of his professional decisions.

Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Why or why not? Well, of course I like the Harry Potter movies. I get angry when I talk to some people about Harry Potter, and they're just like, "Ehh, it's okay. I just watch the movies though." I feel that the movie only shows the highlights of the books, so I don't really try to compare them anymore. I do get angry when my favorite parts of the book are left out of the movie. It's nice to have a visual aid for some things though, because sometimes I can get a better image of something in my mind when I'm reading the books later. I like watching all of the actors too, because all of them look exactly how I would picture the characters to look. And I love the music.

If you were given an assignment from Prof. Snape that was due in three days, how would you go about doing it? Why?(Procrastinate, a little at a time, not at all, etc.) Usually, I would procrastinate with other subjects and assigments, but because I know what kind of teacher Snape is, and considering that I fancy him, I'd probably try to do it a little at a time, making sure that it's the best work I could do because I know that he grades harshly. I wouldn't do that for just any class though. I would only do that for a teacher like Professor Snape that scares me into not procrastinating... haha. If I did go to Hogwarts, I would be interested in Potions and DADA anyways, so it wouldn't really be that difficult for me to go ahead and finish it anyways, because it's something that I would like to learn about anyways. I would probably just be more likely to finish it quicker because Professor Snape is a *little* intimidating sometimes. Now it's time for a totally fangirl comment (please excuse this): And even if I didn't do the assignment at all, then I'd have detention with him. :D </fangirl> Hehe.

Which Quidditch position (if any) would you play if you went to Hogwarts? Why? I would probably want to be the Seeker, because I feel that I do that in life. Most of the time, I just look for excitment and conflict, really just because I think that life is nothing without it. Think about how boring our lives would be if we had absolutely no conflict with anything. It might be a lot nicer, but I'd be bored to tears. I would also make a good seeker because I'm small, and I could probably fly pretty fast. I wouldn't bother me to have people depend on me to win, because I know that since I'm so competitive and I would try my absolute hardest, I would get it. I also wouldn't want to be down there with the bludgers at all. I couldn't hit one of them because I'm so skinny, and I wouldn't like them to be flying at me.

What would you see if you looked into the mirror of erised? Why?I would want to see my whole family together. My immediate family is okay, but some of the people on the outside don't really get along very well. I feel that we're missing out on getting to know each other because of stupid grudges. Other than that, I would probably want to see myself old and wrinkled, but still smiling with a twinkle in my eye. I don't want to be one of those old people who have "given up the light." I want to be one of those elderly people that still feel like a child inside. You're only as old as you feel. I want to see myself old, smiling, holding the keys to my BMW (HA!) with little mini-mes aroung me, smiling too. :) Psh... if they think they're going to ride in my car, they've got another thing coming... Hahaha, kidding!

What do you believe in most? Would you die for it? Why (or why not)?I don't know if there are any issues that I feel that I would be willing to die for, actually. My political beliefs are pretty important to me, but I feel that I wouldn't really die for something to prove a point. I would only die for something if I knew for a fact that what it was going to greatly impact the cause and have me remembered. I don't want to be one of those people that die and two weeks later, everyone already forgot about it. I want people to remember me, and laugh, cry, get mad, whatever, haha.

How do you act when you go to a party? Why?It would really depend on whose party it was. If it was a close friend of mine, I'd probably go from group to group, mingling and laughing with all of my different friends. If it was *my* party, I'd probably be in the center of the room, making sure everyone was paying attention to me, and making sure that everything was going okay. Haha, "IT'S MY PARTY!" I wouldn't act like one of those brats on Super Sweet Sixteen, but I would definately let people know whose party they were at. If it was a complete stranger's party, I'd probably be the one sitting on the couch, watching everyone else, eyeing a few boys. Haha, yay for boys. I'm really not big on parties with strangers. I just don't like watching people make an ass of themselves. I'd much rather be around people I'm not comfortable with.

What house do you think your best, and least suited for? Why? Honestly, I think that I am best suited for either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I rely on my quick wit and sharp tongue to defend myself, get myself out of bad situations, and get what I want. I'm not afraid to step on some toes to get what it is I'm looking for. I can say without embarrassment that I am not above lying or cheating if I need to. I cheat when I play my dad in checkers, and it doesn't bother me at all! Hahahaha. I don't think that cheating is *always* a bad thing because I think if you're smart enough to find the loophole, you probably deserve it. I disagree with people who say that ambition is a bad thing. Some people can do wonderful things in positions of power. But then again, some people can do AWFUL things in power.

I feel that I would be least suited for Hufflepuff because I'm just not a very loyal person. I find it hard to trust most people until they've proven themselves to be trustworthy to me. Also, while I am hardworking, I'd much rather have something completely awesome handed to me on a silver platter than work really really hard and get something almost as great. I don't really look at the work that I went through on something, I look at the finished project. If the finished project looks great and I didn't have to work that hard, that's better if the finished project looks really cool and I had to work my tail off to get it to look that way. I may pride myself in my work a little bit, if I learned how to do something better the next time, but I see things how other people would see them. Most people won't care how hard you worked on something. If it looks like poo, than it looks like poo! :)

What form would your Boggart take? Why?Well, there are so many things that I'm scared of... but I think that the big fear would have to be failure. I have some relatives who are really bad off, and I don't want it to ever happen to me. I understand that some things that can cause stuff like this is just out of reach sometimes, but so much depends on the choices that we make. They made bad choices, and that's where they ended up. I don't want to fail. I want to be successful, NOT just in my career or financially, I want to have a successful, loving family and I just want to enjoy my life as much as I can. And my fear of failure isn't just with anything financial or career-wise. I don't want to fail with my family, and I really don't want to fail by being unhappy in life. As for something with shape that my boggart would turn into, pretty much pick any type of bug, except spideers, I'm not really scared of those. I was brutally attacked by a gigantic waterbug when I was a kid, and I ended up puking everywhere. They just scare me sooo bad. You can't frickin' kill them! How freaky is that?!? I was also almost eaten alive by fireants, and I had to be rushed to the emergency room. I also HATE those great white sharks. I don't swim in the ocean because of them. They just look so scary. Those people in those shark cages are flippin' crazy!

How do you apply yourself to your work? Explain. I'm very serious about my work, and I can't work with anyone that is immature and unorganized. I don't work well in groups because I feel that their mistakes will reflect upon me, and I wouldn't feel comfortable giving someone a task that I wasn't 100% sure they could do for me. I plan out my schedule, and I make sure that I stick to it. I have to be organized with things, or everything just falls apart for me. I make sure that I have enough time to get to everything I need to do, and I mark things off of my list. I also take a long time to make my list, to ensure that I don't forget anything. I find that I get everything done, and I can have time later for my hobbies and other fun things.

What is thicker, friendship or blood? Why?I definately think that friendship is thicker than blood. But also with that, I think that your blood should also be your friends. Either of them should be your refuge. I think that you're stuck with your blood, but you pick your friends. That says something. While family is always up on the list with me, I also consider my close friends to be my family too. I also think that it's just as easy for a family member to betray you than a friend. I know this because there are family members (not in our immediate family) that I don't even speak to. Anyone who is there for you that you can confide in and tell your darkest secrets without fear of judgement is to be considered family. If there was a conflict between a family member and a friend, I honestly couldn't say that I would go with one side no matter what. I would have to step back and take a look at the situation because there is always two sides to every story. I couldn't just go with one side blindly, because I've seen it happen before with my friends and it never works out. I think that they are equally important.

What qualities of each of the houses do you believe you possess? Explain.
~Gryffindor-For: I defend my friends and loved ones, if defenseless, fiercely. If I hear someone badmouthing one of my friends or family, and they're not there to defend themselves, I have no problem getting in that person's face and giving them an earful. If I catch someone talking about me, that's a completely different story. I get so angry, that I would seriously just punch them in the face. My dad is running for election right now, and it's really hard for me not to react when people say bad things about him. I know that he can defend himself, but sometimes, when people talk badly about my friends or family, I feel that they are talking badly about me, and that stirs up something awful in me.
~Gryffindor-Against: I'm not a very brave person. If I came face-to-face with a hippogriff or a basilisk, I would definately wet myself and try to run away. I don't just defend anyone... And most of the time, I won't defend my friends or family if I know that they can take care of themselves. I'm not really sure if this is considered a Gryffindor quality, but I'm not a very fair person. I'll take my situation or a friend's situation into consideration more than a stranger's. I would not make a good judge.

~Hufflepuff-For: I work very hard to achieve my goals. Those goals aren't just anything with my career, either. I work hard to make sure that I can keep a close relationship with my parents and my two best friends, and I work hard to keep my house clean and presentable. (Ha, clean freak!) I believe that with hard work, anything can be possible.
~Hufflepuff-Against: I'm not very loyal to my friends, I admit. I have my two closest friends that I would remain loyal to, of course, (and it took me a long time to be that way) but I'm not very trusting. I've been burned my people claiming to my friends before, and I felt that whenever I showed them loyalty, they really cut my throat with it. It's hard for me to be loyal to someone without considering what's in my best interest.

~Ravenclaw-For: I'm definately a witty person that often relies on my sharp tongue and quick wit to get me out of sticky situations. I love to learn. If I could, I really think that I would just stay in school for the rest of my life. When I get into tiffs with people, about 99% of them are verbal tiffs, and I can pretty much make anyone look stupid. I'd much rather have someone feel stupid than be all battered and bruised up, because when I feel stupid, I feel worthless and it's really a mental blow for me. My bruises would heal up, but I would always have a bruise on my ego from something like that.
~Ravenclaw-Against: I don't try really hard in ALL of my classes. It's really hard for me to stay interested in something for a long time. I feel that I would really only try my hardest in classes that I was really interested in and what I feel could be the most useful for me, and just try to get by with the other classes.

~Slytherin-For: I'm definately ambitious. Because of what I've seen of my relatives, I'm going to ensure that I do not die penniless and looked down upon. I want to have lots of things: A wonderful family, a top-notch education, an awesome career, and a nice house. I want to provide my family with nothing but the best. I also feel that I am able to use my wit to weasel my way out of things. I could always get out of detention in school with one of my excuses for something. I think I have a knack for twisting things into working for my advantage.
~Slytherin-Against: I'm not saying that all Slytherins are racists, but I don't really think that anyone's blood line should make you more superior than anyone else. I mean, when you first meet someone, you don't know if they're a pureblood or not. Sure, you could see if they're rich or whatever, but that doesn't tell you what kind of blood they have. I also don't really know if I would do ANYTHING to get what I want. I know that I would do *just about* anything, but I don't know if I could stop at absolutely nothing. Sometimes I find that whatever it is that you wish for, you just might get it, and that could be a bad thing. I'm careful enough to make sure that whatever it is I'm working for will be worthwhile and great.

You and a few other people are in a bad situation, not all of these people are your friends. You can find a way out for yourself, but no-one else. Fight (for the others) or flight(save yourself)? Why? If I could stop and make sure that no one else could be saved, I would. If it came right down to it, I would honestly say that I would save myself. I feel that it would be foolish to risk my life for someone that I didn't even know. If they were my closest friends, I might fight for them as much as I could, but if it was just hopeless, I would leave. I don't want to die for people that I don't even know...

How did you find us? If you were referred then who referred you? I was just browsing LiveJournal, and I happened to stumble across it. :)
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