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name: Stephanie

age: 15

email address and screen name(s): cork_ie_122@excite.com

Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Which one is your favorite? Why?
I've read all the books like 5 times (Except for HBP because I like to read them in order and given that I have no free time it's harder to read the first 5 before.) and I'd have to say my favorite is a tie between GOF & HBP. I love GOF because the trio's growing up and the little details in the book. You have to pay attention to all the names and places because some of them show up in later books. Not to mention all the adventure and drama. And I love HBP because the trio's closer to my age and for some reason that makes it easier to read. I love all the mystery and tradegy and romace.
Which character is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Why?
My favorie is Ginny because she's smart and witty and she sticks up for herself. My least favorite is Wormtail. He's just a disgusting little person who is only out for himself, forget everyone else.
Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Why or why not?
I do like the movies because it's cool to see how someone else pictures the book. One think is that the first 2 movies did the books justice. The 3 & 4 are wonderful but I think that the first two were that great. But all in all I do like the movies.
If you were given an assignment from Prof. Snape that was due in three days, how would you go about doing it? Why?(Procrastinate, a little at a time, not at all, etc.)
I would pull a Hermione and be in the library researching information and finding out all I could about the subject. I would do a little at a time, piece by piece, and then when I got all my information I would proofread, edit, and make sure it was perfect. Then I'd turn it in making sure it's the best paper I could ever have written.
Which Quidditch position (if any) would you play if you went to Hogwarts? Why?
Keeper. I think for me that would be the easiest, having to stop the ball from going through the hoops and giving it back to a member of my team. I play softball so catching is easy for me.
What would you see if you looked into the mirror of erised? Why?
I would see myself as Christine Daae from Phantom of The Opera on Broadway. I'm from a small town and my dream is to leave and go to New York and be the best Christine anyone has ever seen. Having this as a career would be more that I could ask for.
What do you believe in most? Would you die for it? Why (or why not)?
I believe the most in my family. I have 11 first cousins, 3 aunts, and 1 uncle on my mom's side and we always get together for birthday's and just about every holiday. I would definatly die for them, either as a group or individually it doesn't matter. They have helped me become the person that I am and I don't know where I would be without them. I would definatly put my life on the line for any of them.
How do you act when you go to a party? Why?
I act like myself. Dancing and chatting with friends, hopefully making new friends. Just basically being me. If you see the girl being stupid and doing the chicken dance...it's me!
What house do you think your best, and least suited for? Why?
I would say Gryffindor. One of their main traits is courage and accoring to my friends, I'm a coragous person. Here lately they told me this because I just did a play, in which I was the lead, in front of approx. 630 people. But to me that's just Saturday but to them they would die before ever doing that.

What form would your Boggart take? Why?
A thunderstorm. I HATE thunderstorms. When I was about 4 we had this really big one and I just remember being scared of the thunder anyway and the waringing on the weather channel buzzing. I was just tramatized, I don't know why. Even though it's been like 11 years I have panic attacks every time there's a bad thunderstorm.
How do you apply yourself to your work? Explain.
I'm the kind of person who likes to get things done as soon as possible. Like I have an online class where I had a portfolio due and I turned it in 2 weeks before it was due. But when I do things I like to do them as best I can. When my Nan asks me to clean her house I make sure I vacume everywhere, sweep, dust, and mop every inch. I'm very therough.
What is thicker, friendship or blood? Why?
I do have a lot of friends and they are a big part of my support system, but like I said before my family means a LOT to me. My friends are wonderful don't get me wrong, they are some of the reasons I get up in the moring, but when the time comes we're going to move and go to different colleges and we're not going to see each other for a long time and we'll grow farther apart. Hopefully that won't happen with my family.
What qualities of each of the houses do you believe you possess? Explain.
Gryffindor - Like I said I'm a coragous person but I also have a lot of respect for people. My Nan for instance, I will never ever ever disrespect her or make her feel embarrassed if I can help it.

Ravenclaw - I have a thirst for knowledge. I'm book smart but not as book smart as they are unfortunatly. I love to read and go to school and do reports and things like that.

Hufflepuff - I'm loyal. I always back my friends up even when I know they're wrong.

Slytherin - I'm determined. Once I set my mind to something it's like pulling teeth to get me to stop. I've always been this way as long as I can remember.
You and a few other people are in a bad situation, not all of these people are your friends. You can find a way out for yourself, but no-one else. Fight (for the others) or flight(save yourself)? Why?
I would try to find a way out for everyone. There's no way I could just leave everyone else there alone and scared, no way. I would fight along with them and pray we all get out together or die together.
How did you find us? If you were referred then who referred you?
I looked up "sorting hat" in the search bar.
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