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DOH-- I should crucio myself--the note was right next to the keyboard.

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age: 30

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Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Which one is your favorite? Why? Naturally. I enjoyed The Half Blood Prince the most. There were a number of parallels introduced. For example. Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape and Harry Potter are all half-bloods. Voldemort and Snape have pure-blood mothers and Potter has a pure-blood father. We know which side Potter and Voldemort are on, the question still in debate is Snape's allegiance.

Which character is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Why? Severus Snape. There is far too much mystery around the man for him not to be engaging as a character. It is easy to like a character like Harry Potter or Lord Voldemort who are easily defined but far more intriguing to ponder a character whose depths may never be revealed. It seems to me, at times, that Severus Snape is the unintentional bridge between Potter and Voldemort.

Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Why or why not? The first three were good but The Goblet of Fire was irritating on many levels. The overacting was too much--I expect a little but not that much. Subplots were started but not finished. What was the point of bringing Rita Skeeter into the movie if the misery she causes was not going to be shown? I detest the death eater conical hats, it was too reminiscent of the KKK (but I guess it was the easiest way to make the deatheaters stand out at the quiddich cup). I felt like the director assumed that everyone watching the movie had read the book.

I do have to admit that I really enjoyed Mad-Eye Moody and the way the relationship between Victor Krum and Hermione Granger was shown. Mad-Eye Moody was not exactly as I pictured him but the portrayal of the character himself was dead on. I especially enjoyed it when he caught Finigan putting his gum under his desk. Another moment I enjoyed, aside from Durmstang entering the Great Hall, was Professor Snape, rolling his eyes and deliberately adjusting his cuffs before pushing Ron and Harry's head into their books. I laughed when Ron mentioned that his dress robes smelled like great aunt Tessie and at the same time felt so sorry for him. I also loved Cedric Diggory and Victor Krum. I thought they were well done.

If you were given an assignment from Prof. Snape that was due in three days, how would you go about doing it? Why?(Procrastinate, a little at a time, not at all, etc.) Start it immediately. First, I would not prefer to embarrass my house. Second, he can be a hard-ass. Third, and most important, his assignments are long because he likes making his students work and likes forcing them to learn the material. If I want any time to relax, I'm better off starting right away.

Which Quidditch position (if any) would you play if you went to Hogwarts? Why? Chaser. It is in the action and I as much as I like speed I really don't think I would enjoy chasing down a snitch. In terms of livejournal, I am the chaser at Castle Hogwarts. I enjoy writing fan-fiction and fiction in general. A long while back I was a chaser here at DA but I had to leave due to life becoming far to hectic to handle.

What would you see if you looked into the mirror of erised? Why? My manuscript published, bills paid off and my family taken care of. These are the things I spend the most time on and have the most dedication to. I seem to be spending my life trying to make them happen.

What do you believe in most? Would you die for it? Why (or why not)? I believe first and foremost in my own strength and abilities. I need them for everything I do. Would I die for them? Absolutely, without my own strength and abilities I am already dead and only waiting for my brain to cease functioning to make it final.

How do you act when you go to a party? Why? First what kind of party. Formal--I behave. Connections can be made and impressions are important in those kind of environments. With family I am a lot more relaxed but do not entirely let loose as there usually tends to be a large number of children around. With just friends "Ah good times" I have fun but rarely (if ever) get drunk or behave like an idiot. There's just no point and it is a waste of time, drink, and a morning if one imbibes too much.

What house do you think your best, and least suited for? Why? I am best suited for Slytherin because of my ambition; Gryffindor because of my determination; Ravenclaw because I love learning, writing, and literature; and Hufflepuff because I know full well I'm going to have to work to get what I want and that causes no fear in me. I am least suited for Slytherin because I have a penchant for being fair and all too often give the benefit of the doubt, Gryffindor because I protect only those of interest to me, Ravenclaw because I am not always open minded and Hufflepuff because I really like to be lazy and often will not do something until it is on my list of things that must be done.

What form would your Boggart take? Why? ME. Picture yourself face to face with the only power that could destroy you and everything you are. There is nothing outside of myself that has the power to decimate me beyond all ability. Nothing outside of myself that can take away my strength and destroy who I am. Granted there are people in the world who think that they have that power, but they can just go bite themselves because I certainly will not let them bite me.

How do you apply yourself to your work? Explain. If it needs to be done or has to be done get out of my way and do not waste my time. With work I am efficient. I will enjoy my work if possible but I prefer to get it done so I can devote myself to activities that suit my personal preference more.

What is thicker, friendship or blood? Why? Blood. I will die for my immediate family before my friends and my friends, having families of their own, would not have it any other way.

What qualities of each of the houses do you believe you possess? Explain.I explained part of this above but I am ambitious. I may not want to be a CEO but I do have my goals and I know what it is going to take to reach them (Hufflepuff). I also have the courage to go after them (Gryffindor). It is a matter of stages, research and planning (Ravenclaw) and being ruthless (Slytherin) enough to remove everyone who stands in the way of achieving them. I hate being told I can't do something I want to do just because another person thinks I can't or was not able to do so themselves.

You and a few other people are in a bad situation, not all of these people are your friends. You can find a way out for yourself, but no-one else. Fight (for the others) or flight(save yourself)? Why? If the situation is a no-win situation (for example I know without a doubt that staying and fighting is completely pointless and doomed to failure as none of us will survive), I'm gone and I will be planning to avenge the loss later). There is no point in being a hero if you are dead unless you have a deep personal stake in it in which case you could very well be winning by staying. If the situation is not a no-win, I'll stay and fight. The odds may be against but until they are decided it is pointless to give up.

How did you find us? If you were referred then who referred you? I used to be a member.
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