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Crucio = The Lazy Spell. Just punch the bastard.

name: Tamra-Jay Browning. But you can call me Tamra =]
age: 16. Well almost. July 23rd. Same as Daniel Radcliffe ^__^
email address and screen name(s): spoiled_baby_gurl01@hotmail.com <- I'v had it since I was like..10?
Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Which one is your favorite? Why? Yes. My favourite is 'Order of the Pheonix'. I think it's the best book of all because it was funny, sad and exciting all in one. It kept me laughing, crying or in suspense. And I think thats what a book should be.
Which character is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Why? My favourite character is Ron. He is so goofy and funny yet he's a really loyal friend to Harry and Hermione. The way Rupert Grint portrayed Ron in he Harry Potter movies is exactly the way I pictured him in my imagination. My least favourite characters are Rufus Scrimgeour and Cho Chang. Scrimgeour because I didnt like the way he tried to force Harry to be on the ministries side in the 6th book (Half Blood Prince). And I dislike Cho Chang because I think she's a sook. Maybe a little jealousy (cause Harry loves her -_-) but mostly because after Cedric died she became a complete sook and her character just died for me. -shrugs-
Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Why or why not?
Yes and No. Yes because I love seeing what I imagined while reading come to life and no because they miss out so much of the books. I watched a behind the scenes show which said they edit the movies so that it's all about Harry. Whereas I think it's the little sub plots that make the book. Like S.P.E.W for example. I honestly wouldnt mind a 4 hour HP movie! As long as they did it all.
If you were given an assignment from Prof. Snape that was due in three days, how would you go about doing it? Why?(Procrastinate, a little at a time, not at all, etc.) I tend to leave things to the last minute. I dont do homework or assignments the day I get them. I plan to but I just dont. I would probably be up really late the day before it was due, completing it.
Which Quidditch position (if any) would you play if you went to Hogwarts? Why?
Beater. How fun would it be to fly around beating balls towards the opposite team? I can be pretty violent at times so that position would suit me well. No wonder Fred and George love it to much!
What would you see if you looked into the mirror of erised? Why?
I would most likely see myself with my Grandfather. He died when I was three and I never really got to know him. Though my family tell me that I had a really strong bond with him. I know it sounds so 'Omg Harry Potter' but it's true. He is what I would most likely see.
What do you believe in most? Would you die for it? Why (or why not)?
I believe in love and friendship the most. I dont think I would be here today if it werent for my family and friends. Would I die for a loved one? Yes. No question about it. I'd rather die for them then live without them. I'm not trying to sound 'totally Gryffindor'. I'm trying to give you a proper description of myself and how I am. So please dont take this as swinging towards one particular house.
How do you act when you go to a party? Why?
I tend to get a little crazy when I go to parties. If there is alcohol I have a little habit of taking advantage of it. I dance alot and just have fun. I'm not sure what else to write?
What house do you think your best, and least suited for? Why?
I think I'm best suited for Gryffindor? I'm strong willed and pretty brave. If a friend is in trouble I'll always help them out. No matter what. I'm just that type of person. I'm probably least suited to Ravenclaw. I'm not very skilled in the academic field of things. Though I excel in such areas as English. I do not feel that I am academically skilled in all areas of my schooling.
What form would your Boggart take? Why?
My boggart would take the form of a shark of a spider. They are two things that I'm completely terrifyed of. Having a spider jump out at me leaves me shaking for a period of time afterwards. And when Im at the beach Im on constant look out and I never go any further then chest deep. xP
How do you apply yourself to your work? Explain.
I like to say that I have a short attention span with activities I dont enjoy. Subjects such as English, Modern History, ITS (Information Technology Systems) and BCT (Business Communication Technology) intrest me and I enjoy those classes at school. Although when it comes to subjects such as Maths, Tourism and Science I just sort of switch off. I find that I have better things to then waste my time with something I dont like.
What is thicker, friendship or blood? Why?
I really cant answer that question. My friends and my family mean more to me then anyone can imagine. I wouldnt be standing here today if it werent for all of them. They are the people who keep me on my feet. They are the people who love me for me. They are the people who have been there and always will be no matter what obstacle we come across.
What qualities of each of the houses do you believe you possess? Explain.
Gryffindor - Brave, Strongwilled, Do anything for friends and family.
Slytherin - I can be pretty sly when it comes to it. And I dont let anything stand in my way.
Hufflepuff - Im loyal. And I think thats it for Hufflepuff =/
Ravenclaw - I'm smart? Lol XP
Yeah I know these answers sucked. No need to tell me.
You and a few other people are in a bad situation, not all of these people are your friends. You can find a way out for yourself, but no-one else. Fight (for the others) or flight(save yourself)? Why?
I would stay and fight. Whether the people are my friends or not they still have a right to live. I find it selfish to go and leave innocent people behind to save yourself. Thats definatly not who I am. I wouldnt leave until everyone was out. I would be the last one standing.
How did you find us? If you were referred then who referred you?
I was searching sorting communitues and came across you.
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